Drive Status and Info

Scans & finds the Opal drive(s) on the system, then provides the drive status and information.


Users can set up a password to lock and unlock drives.

Unlock Drives

After password setup of a drive, user unlocks access to the drive with a pre-OS boot environment set up on the drive or a bootable USB, or by using a separate, unlocked Windows system.

Query Drive

View additional information about your drive.

View Audit Log

Access a drive’s event log

Revert/Remove Lock

Allows users to remove lock and keep all data, or revert and cryptographically erase all drive data using password or PSID.

Premium Features

Setup/Remove User

Set up a second password with limited authority.

Multi-drive capability

Set up and manage multiple drives with a single click.

USB Password

Save your password to a USB and use your USB to authenticate.

Drive Compatibility

Check out this list to see if your drive is an Opal SED. Opal Lock supports both Opal 1.0 and Opal 2.0.