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About Us

Fidelity Height specializes in software management of TCG self-encrypting drives. We are passionate about engineering streamlined solutions for our customers and providing them with tools to fully utilize their drives’ built-in hardware-based encryption.

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Opal Lock Features Overview

Opal Lock Products

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Opal Lock Lite

Opal Lock Lite offers a user-friendly solution for unlocking USB drives that support the Opal standard, a hardware-based encryption method. With Opal Lock Lite, you can easily unlock your compatible external USB drives, providing a secure and efficient way to access your encrypted data. Whether you're safeguarding sensitive information or simply ensuring privacy, Opal Lock Lite simplifies the process of unlocking your drives, enhancing both security and convenience.

Opal Lock Lite

Opal Lock USB

The USB version supports all basic functionalities of Opal Lock for up to five USB-mounted Opal Drives. On top of features supported by the Demo version, the USB version includes features such as setting up drive encryption and password protection, unlocking drives, changing password, and reverting setup.

Opal Lock Standard

The Standard version supports all basic functionalities of Opal Lock for up to five Opal Drives, including internal drives. Standard version also includes setting up a pre-boot OS environment for unlocking drives when the boot drive is locked. With the Standard version, setting up drive encryption includes setting up the pre-boot OS environment on a bootable USB drive.

Opal Lock Premium

The Premium license for Opal Lock includes the capability to easily set up and manage multiple drives with a single click. A second password can be created with limited authority. Unlocking drives in the pre-boot OS environment using passwords stored on USB can be done automatically with Premium version.


Opal Lock Features






Supports up to five USB-mounted Opal Drive(s) on the system

Supports internal Opal Drive(s) on the system (five total drives)

Device Query to view additional information

Set up supported Opal Drive(s)

Save hashed password to USB to be used for authentication

View Audit Log (access a drive’s event log)

Unlock supported Opal Drive(s)

Unlock with Pre-Boot Authentication

Create Recovery USB drive

Unlock multiple drives with hashed password securely saved to USB

Set up a second user password with limited authority

Automatic Pre-Boot Authentication with password saved on USB

Secure. Certified. Verified


Drive Status and Info

Scans & finds the Opal drive(s) on the system, then provides the drive status and information.



Users can set up a password to lock and unlock drives.


Unlock Drives

After password setup of a drive, user unlocks access to the drive with a pre-OS boot environment set up on the drive or a bootable USB, or by using a separate, unlocked Windows system.


Query Drive

View additional information about your drive.


View Audit Log

Access a drive’s event log.


Setup/Remove User

Set up a second password with limited authority.


USB Password

Save your password to a USB and use your USB to authenticate.

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