Properly disposing of disk drives is crucial in ensuring the security of sensitive information. Unfortunately, as seen in the recent data breach at Morgan Stanley, not all companies take the necessary steps to protect their data. However, using products like Opal Lock can provide a solution to this problem!

The Opal Lock Solution

Opal Lock is a data security solution that protects data stored on disk drives using hardware-based encryption. This means that even if the drive is removed from the device, the data on it is encrypted and unreadable. This gives individuals and organizations that need to dispose of old disk drives peace of mind, as the data stored on them will remain safe even if the drive falls into the wrong hands.

Opal Lock also offers a secure method of erasing data, rendering it unrecoverable. Because simply deleting files or formatting the drive is insufficient for data protection, Opal Lock encrypts and erases in such a way that it is impossible to retrieve. This additional layer of security ensures your sensitive information is safe! Opal Lock ensures that sensitive data is properly erased by adhering to the IEEE 2883 Standard on Data Sanitization, a widely recognized standard that defines guidelines for data sanitization and disk drive retirement. Individuals and organizations can relax knowing that their data is safe, even when disposing of old disk drives!

Morgan Stanley’s recent data breach emphasizes the importance of properly disposing of disk drives in order to protect sensitive information. Opal Lock provides you with the peace of mind you require before accidents like these occur. We have a variety of packages available to meet the needs of your organization, and we’re currently offering a FREE trial. Click here to find out more!

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Opal Lock Features

  • Supports up to five USB-mounted Opal Drives on the system
  • Device Query to view additional information
  • View Audit Log feature to access a drive’s event log
  • Unlock multiple drives with hashed password securely saved to USB
  • and much more…