On October 1, 2021, Fidelity Height LLC will launch its HDD and SSD Opal Self-Encryption Drive (SED) software for the MS Windows application called Opal Lock software. (https://fidelityheight.com/)

Opal Lock is a Windows security application that utilizes TCG (Trusted Computing Group)SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) technology and provides a software solution for managing hardware-based full-disk encryption (FDE). Users are given the ability to set up a password to be used for authentication to unlock and manage their TCG SEDs. Additionally, Opal Lock displays the current status and detailed information about the drives on the system.

“As a professional storage application vendor, Fidelity Height LLC is happy to present the Opal Lock software to the users who want to utilize the storage security feature which is built in many of the HDD and SSD drives. With the Opal Lock, user can configure the disk drives using industry-standard Opal Security Subsystem Class (SSC) to set a password and configure the storage devices to achieve the highly reliable data security data storage,” said Jeff Kuo, VP of Fidelity Height LLC.

Opal Lock is compatible with MS Windows 10 and Windows Servers. It supports the Interface for the SATA, SAS, NVMe, and USB. The software works with TCG Opal, Pyrite, and Ruby SSC. After starts the Opal Lock scan the drives in the system and display the TCG compliance drives in the system, allow users to set up the preboot image, users password, and configure the drive.

About Fidelity Height LLC.

Fidelity Height LLC, headquartered in San Jose, California(www.fidelityheight.com), is a professional software leader in providing security software tools for HDD and SSD drives. The company is committed to providing tools, to support the standard data encryption method build in many disk drives. The company believes with user-friendly software, the data security can be enhanced and the data on the storage drives can be better protected.
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