Turns out that the years of eBay warning prospective vendors of making sure their laptops and storage devices have been wiped clean to keep deleted files from being recovered probably fell on a ton of deaf ears.

Files Easily Recovered from Discarded Hard Drives

There’s a worrying trend happening that you should be aware of. Recently a study was conducted to see if files could be accessed from discarded hard drives. The hard drives were in varying states of discard. One was encrypted, others had files deleted but not entirely removed and some had attempts of destruction showing. What started as a curiosity to see how many files could be found, turned out to be much easier than expected and millions of files were easily retrieved. You can read the full article here.

Did You Dispose of Your Hard Drive Safely and Securely?

The unfortunate issue is that this could easily happen to you. You may think you cleared your hard drive before discarding it, but chances are you didn’t do it correctly.

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Opal Lock offers a secure method of erasing data, rendering it unrecoverable. Because simply deleting files or formatting the drive is insufficient for data protection. Opal Lock ensures that sensitive data is properly erased by adhering to the IEEE 2883 Standard on Data Sanitization, a widely recognized standard that defines guidelines for data sanitization and disk drive retirement. Individuals and organizations can relax knowing that their data is safe, even when disposing of old disk drives!

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Photo Credit: kynny