Opal Lock Lite marks a significant milestone in Fidelity Height’s journey towards a safer digital landscape for all. Now available as a free tool, Opal Lock Lite empowers users to unlock USB drives adhering to the Opal standard for hardware-based encryption. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to seamless security with Opal Lock Lite. Unlocking compatible external USB drives has never been easier and no regular license is required.

Best of all, you can share Opal Lock’s enhanced drive security with your friends and family using Opal Lock Lite. Whether they’re tech-savvy enthusiasts or casual users, Opal Lock Lite offers simplicity and peace of mind in securing their valuable data. By sharing data on Opal Lock Lite, you’re not just protecting your own information; you’re empowering others in your circle to take control of their digital security effortlessly.

New Capabilities for Opal Lock Premium Users

Opal Lock Premium is suitable for enterprise users who want to manage all the drives in the system without having to set up and unlock each drive. For our Opal Lock Premium License users, version 1.3.0 brings a game-changing feature: Multi-drive Operations. With just a single click, Premium License holders can perform a myriad of operations, including setting up drives, changing passwords, and locking/unlocking drives. Simply select your desired drives by checking the checkboxes next to them and let Opal Lock handle the rest.

Refined User Experience

We’re not just about adding new features; we’re committed to refining the user experience. Version 1.3.0 addresses a pesky UI navigation issue that some users encountered. Now, you can navigate to the unlock screen effortlessly, exactly as intended. We believe that smooth navigation is crucial for a stress-free user experience, and this version aims to provide you with the best possible Opal Lock experience.

Sharing the Promise of Drive Security

Opal Lock Lite isn’t just a tool; it’s a promise of drive security that you can extend to those around you. By introducing your friends and family to Opal Lock Lite, you’re not only safeguarding your own data but also empowering others to protect theirs effortlessly. In an increasingly digital world where data breaches are a constant threat, sharing the simplicity and peace of mind offered by Opal Lock Lite is a small yet impactful way to strengthen our collective digital resilience.


Photo Credit: Choreograph