In today’s digital age, data security is of paramount importance, especially in the healthcare sector. A major health system’s data breach is a stark reminder of the potential risks healthcare organizations face. Encryption must be a mandatory measure to safeguard data, not only against cyber-criminals but also physical theft.

The Breach That Exposed 43,000 Patients’ Data

The laptop belonging to a health system employee was stolen from a car, leading to a data breach that impacted 43,000 patients. While the organization had taken some security measures, such as password protection and security tools, it had failed to encrypt the data stored on the hard drive. The consequences were severe, as the stolen laptop contained patient names, Social Security numbers, financial information, addresses, dates of birth, and sensitive medical data. This incident highlights the importance of encrypting data whenever it leaves the secure premises of an organization.

The Imperative of Data Protection

Fidelity Height, a trusted leader in data security solutions, understands the criticality of data protection in today’s vulnerable landscape. In response to the shocking statistics surrounding laptop security breaches, Fidelity Height’s offers a robust solution called Opal Lock. It specializes in software management of TCG self-encrypting drives  and empowers customers to harness the built-in hardware-based encryption of their drives.

Safeguard Your Data with Fidelity Height’s Opal Lock

Opal Lock is designed to leverage the native encryption capabilities of your drive, ensuring that all data remains encrypted when the drive is locked. Only with your password can the data be accessed, creating an impenetrable shield against unauthorized access. Even in the event of theft, potential adversaries would be unable to decrypt the data.

Tailored Packages for Individual and Organizational Needs

Whether you are an individual seeking to secure your personal data or a healthcare organization responsible for protecting sensitive patient information, there is an Opal Lock solution that fits your specific needs.

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It is crucial for healthcare organizations and individuals alike to take proactive measures to protect their data. Fidelity Height’s Opal Lock emerges as a robust and dependable solution, leveraging hardware-based encryption to ensure your data remains secure even in the face of adversity.

Do not leave your valuable information vulnerable. Take action now, safeguard your laptop, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data is protected by Fidelity Height’s Opal Lock.


Photo Credit: Paolo Cordoni