At Fidelity Height, our commitment to advancing TCG self-encrypting drive management goes beyond innovation—it’s about empowering you with cutting-edge tools that maximize the potential of your hardware-based encryption. Fidelity Height’s Opal Lock is your gateway to a fortified security system that redefines data protection.

Our user-friendly software is designed to harness the robust capabilities of the TCG Opal standard, ensuring that you experience the sheer power of hardware-based Self-Encrypted Drive (SED) functionality. Your data remains fortified at its core, shielded by robust password and data encryption that guarantees ironclad security for your most valuable information.

Opal Lock isn’t confined to internal drives; it seamlessly extends its protective reach to external USB drives so that every facet of your data storage remains safeguarded with effortless ease.

New Features: Instant Secure Erase and Certificate of Sanitization

With our latest release, Opal Lock now offers an unparalleled level of control over your data. Need to purge sensitive information swiftly and with foolproof protection? Our instant erase and lock functions make it effortless and ensure that your data remains secure beyond retrieval.

But that’s not all. We understand the importance of traceability and verification in data erasure processes. That’s why Opal Lock introduces the Certificate of Sanitization—a feature that generates a verified certificate post-data erasure. This certificate offers you peace of mind by providing concrete proof of the data eradication process and compliance, bolstering trust in your data management practices.

Secure Data Management

Opal Lock isn’t just a solution; it’s an evolution in secure data management. It’s a journey toward fortified encryption that transcends conventional standards. Elevate your encryption game and join the ranks of those who prioritize robust security measures.

Experience the future of drive encryption with Opal Lock by Fidelity Height. Our commitment to innovation, paired with our unwavering dedication to security, promises a transformative experience in safeguarding your data.


Photo Credit: natrot