The Securities and Exchange Commission recently charged Morgan Stanley with extensive failures in protecting the personal identifying information (PII) of about 15 million customers. Morgan Stanley will be paying a $35 million penalty fee for selling used hard drives on eBay without first sanitizing the drives. Since at least 2015, Morgan Stanley has not properly disposed of devices holding sensitive customer data, according to the settlement.

Sanitizing hard drives in the traditional way is very costly and time consuming. It typically takes up to 10 hours to sanitize one drive. Using a drive shredder, which physically breaks down hard drives into small pieces, is also costly and results in unnecessary and environmentally unfriendly physical waste.

On the contrary, Opal Lock can erase the data from a hard drive in two seconds and the hard drive can then be reused.

Opal Lock Software for TCG Self Encrypted Drives

Opal Lock is a Windows application software that utilizes TCG Opal SED technology for managing disk drive encryption. Users can set up a password and unlock the Opal family of disk drives using this software.

Opal Lock enables the Full Drive Encryption (FDE) function of storage devices such as USBs, internal hard drives, or SSD. Drives implementing TCG Opal specification can use this Opal Lock software to lock the drive with AES 256 encryption technology. This will prevent the data from being leaked in the event of the device being lost or stolen.

Did you know that, while setting the password on your notebook is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account, the data saved on the computer is unprotected or unencrypted? External USB drives usually are not encrypted either. Using a TCG Opal drive without a setup software such as Opal Lock leaves the drive still unprotected and unencrypted.

Diligent users should take advantage of Opal hardware and Opal enable software to secure their data. This is not only to protect your own data but also your organization’s data from being lost or stolen. The stakes of data loss are extremely high compared to the cost of Opal Lock software.

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Opal Lock Features

  • Supports up to five USB-mounted Opal Drives on the system
  • Device Query to view additional information
  • View Audit Log feature to access a drive’s event log
  • Unlock multiple drives with hashed password securely saved to USB
  • and much more…

Photo Credit: Marco_Piunti