Laptops have become an integral part of our lives, serving as our portable offices, entertainment centers, and storage hubs for sensitive data. However, the alarming frequency of laptop thefts and data breaches highlights the critical need for robust security measures. Here are some shocking laptop security statistics that underscore the importance of safeguarding your valuable information:

  1. A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.
  2. 86% of IT practitioners report that someone in their organization has had a laptop lost or stolen, 56% report that this resulted in data breach.
  3. 65% of business managers record their password on a private document such as a post-it note or share it with other individuals.
  4. 52% of business managers sometimes or often leave their laptop with a stranger when traveling.
  5. 45% of healthcare information breaches occur on stolen laptops.
  6. 5 Million: The number of medical patients’ data compromised in a single case of a stolen laptop
  7. The average total cost to a business from a single laptop loss is US $47,000.

Protect Your Data with Fidelity Height’s Opal Lock

In the face of these shocking statistics, securing your laptop and data becomes an imperative. Fidelity Height understands the importance of data protection and offers a comprehensive solution with Opal Lock. Specializing in software management of TCG self-encrypting drives, Fidelity Height empowers customers to harness their drives’ built-in hardware-based encryption.

Opal Lock leverages the drive’s native encryption capabilities, ensuring that all data on the drive remains encrypted when it’s locked. Only with your password can the data be accessed, providing an impenetrable shield against unauthorized access. Even in the event of a theft, adversaries would be unable to decrypt the data, guaranteeing its confidentiality.

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The staggering laptop security statistics outlined above are a sobering reminder of the constant threat posed by theft, data breaches, and unauthorized access. Fidelity Height’s Opal Lock emerges as a robust solution, leveraging hardware-based encryption to ensure your data remains secure, even in the face of adversity. Don’t leave your valuable information vulnerable. Take action now, safeguard your laptop, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data is protected by Fidelity Height’s Opal Lock.


Photo Credit: Marko Stojkovic